Just starting out, newly qualified or re-embarking on your nail career all over again? Whatever your reason, why not check out some helpful hints, tips & tutorials from our Brand Ambassador, Natalie Mugridge. Her channel & tutorials are fun & easy to follow.


Here's a little bit more about Natalie to help you get acquainted...

Hi, I’m Natalie!


A complete nail-art crazy lady who's totally glitter OBSESSED and Brand Ambassador for the fabulous Nail Sugar!


I first became interested in a career as a Nail Tech after thinking I’d try and do my own! Not quite as easy as it looks… however once I began to binge watch YouTube channels, they really helped to inspire me and fuel my curiosity to learn more! Soon, I became familiar with Nail Tech royalty such as Gemma Lambert and Kirsty Meakin. I really enjoyed watching the technical aspect and design skills of creating such beautiful nails - which ultimately led me to where I am today!

I’m a busy mum with two young boys to look after, and when they’re at school I help my Grandparents. Being a full-time time mum, I had little spare funds when starting out to invest in nail classes; however, I was lucky enough to have my dad treat me to a few nail courses back in June 2017. My journey began by training from home with Essentials Nails… soon after I became a woman on a mission!! In just over three months (by September 2017) I was qualified in ‘Acrylic Sculpting and Maintenance’. Afterwards, I progressed on to pass the ‘Essential Nails Acrylic Art Master’ whilst learning some unusual nail shapes, how to encapsulate glitter and some 3D acrylic artwork. By December 2017 I had passed my ‘Gelaze Pro Expert Nail Art Course’. Since then; learning new trends, styles and techniques have become an addiction for me! One thing I’ve learnt is that this industry is constantly changing & evolving – there’s always something new to learn and new challenges to embark on! 

I found Nail Sugar not long after I’d qualified. I fell in love with Karen’s glitter mixes and her amazing personality. When she asked me to be Nail Sugar’s Brand Ambassador in November I was absolutely delighted and immediately accepted! Nail Sugar soon became a brand I was passionate about. Since then I’ve met lots more glitter addicts (like myself) and am always busy helping & inspiring other Techs in any way I can.

I started my YouTube channel, Natalie Mugridge Nail Artist, initially just for fun, but I started to really enjoy creating nails with my amazing selection of Nail Sugar goodies. It’s also a great opportunity to be able to share my own newly acquired knowledge with student techs & those who are freshly qualified.  YouTube has become another passion of mine. I work hard by pouring as much into making it a useful source for others but also full of fun content & personality too. Why not drop by to say hello and subscribe to keep up with all my latest tutorials, I’d love to see you there!


Natalie Xx